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Written by Jai Kumar Dewani is a Software Engineer at Carl Zeiss, who loves to learn and build cool things. Follow me @jai_dewani

  1. July 16, 2021

    Have you ever filled out a recruitment form where you had to provide a URL to your resume and after submitting the form you realise you can add an achievement or two of yours but then you would have to share the link to the updated resume which you can't do. Let's see how you can solve this problem

  2. February 07, 2021

    Did you know that all the Wifi Passwords you type in a windows machine are stored locally and you can extract them all with just a few lines on command line. What's better is this can be automated by using python which allows us to exectue execute intructions on command line. Let's see how we can this as well

  3. January 07, 2021

    I belive after using widows for a considerable time almost every one must have got an error saying you can't name a folder or file with certain character. Most of them have a very detailed reason why this limitation had to be built in, some less obious than others

  4. December 21, 2020

    Too bored typing the same 'Notice me senapi' text to that one person? Wanna automate this process or Wanna Irritate your friends by creating a personalized spam bot for WhatsApp web by injecting javascript though console? I might have a solution for you in both case 😉

  5. December 15, 2020

    It was a shocker to me when I got to know Microsoft office files bascially are ZIP files under the hood. You also didn't? Try unzipping them and you will see the magic, also the fact that you can easily extract all media out of them once we know this

  6. November 20, 2020

    Every Engineering student has seen the headlines 'Computer Science Student' bags in a job with a CTC of 30-50 Lakhs, but what does CTC means? Do they actually get 3-4 Lakhs per month>? In this blog I will talk about CTC Inflation and how it affects what you get in hand especially when the CTC is that high

  7. November 06, 2020

    Most of us are satisfied with what console.log() provides, even if there are other console methods which might be way helpful and might increase your speen when fixing that one bug using by logging everything there is to log :p. I'll try to discuss other console method which might come handy to you

  8. October 06, 2020

    In my deep learning project when was asked to train a model on network traffic to classify malicious packects from non malicious ones. The first step was to convert PCAP files to CSV for easy data injestion, which I have covered in this blog

  9. September 29, 2020

    The first time I came across these new URLs when I first saw '' and '' for GitHub and after searching a bit it turns our these URLs are parrt of Google's initiative to make it easier to get to things quicker by avoiding extra steps, I have compiled a list of them including some which I think can be really helpful in daily life

  10. September 02, 2020

    My experience of an interview I had for an internship at a development position which I really enjoyes for the following reason.